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  • Beauty trend or Beauty Blunder? Skin Gritting and why its BS

Beauty trend or Beauty Blunder? Skin Gritting and why its BS

Beauty trend or Beauty Blunder? Skin Gritting and why its BS

The Wild West Skincare team always keeps up with the latest in Beauty trends, so of course we have tried the viral sensation of Skin Gritting. To catch you up if you haven’t, there are these photos virally going around the web of skin grits. Barf. They look like little bugs on the backs of people’s hands after they have been extracted. While the photos have gone viral, the actual results have been lacking. You can scan all of YouTube for successes of the various YouTube stars but you will just be underwhelmed, just like us.


This “Skincare Hack” was so simple we decided to give it a try to see for ourselves.

Here are the steps:

Step 1) cleanse your face with an oil cleanser

Step 2) put a clay mask on, and let it dry

Step 3) wash the clay off with warm water

Step 4) cleanse your face again with the oil cleanser but this time massage it in until the blackheads just pop right out

Step 5) make sure you collect enough to decorate the back of your hand and post the photo on your accounts because everyone wants to see your blackheads on their social feeds



Guess what we found? Our faces looked like tomatoes from massaging for so long.

What we didn’t find, any blackheads jumping out saying “hey, scoop me up and show me to the world.”


Leaning on Keith’s 30+ years as an esthetician we asked him why this failed, and what would really work to eliminate those pesky Black Heads?!?


Nick: Why didn’t this work?

Keith: Because that’s not how any of this works. But really it will depend on the skin type. If you are experiencing blackheads there are quite a few causes ranging from hormonal imbalance and just plain to just plain stress. Your body is overproducing oil and is having a build-up of dead skin cells. This probably didn’t work for our team because everyone here takes care of their skin and really does not have an excess build-up of clogged pores. This would probably work better on a teenager or someone who never washes their face. It would be better to avoid having blackheads altogether.

N: What would work to get out blackheads?

K: A daily skincare regimen to prevent the blackheads in the first place. That starts with a cleanser, our Citrus Salicylic Wash with Glycolic & Lactic actually has acids in it to help remove the build-up of dead skin cells as well as sebum that clogs pores in the first place.

Next follow with a toner, our Colloidal Silver Healing Toner with Lavender contains micro silver particles that promote healing and repair. Toner is an important step because it also helps to remove minerals leftover from hard water.

You know how your skin starts to feel tight after taking a shower?

N: Yeah, it starts to feel dry and tight.

K: That’s the hard water’s residue build-up on your skin. Use the toner to rid your face of this nasty build-up. Finally, we want to use a moisturizer. This will lock in the moisture, to ensure that your skin absorbs all the hydration it needs to keep it’s youthful appearance.

N: What moisturizer would you recommend for problem skin?

K: Again since we are talking about problem skin, and blackheads, I’d recommend our Acne Repair Cream. This will nurture and lock in that layer of hydration that’s so necessary for our skin to properly function.

N: Awesome, thanks.

K: No problem


Moral of viral “Skincare Hacks,” if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. If you want to get started selling your own private branded skincare line please download our brochure here: