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How to Vanquish Dry Skin Once & for All!

How to Vanquish Dry Skin Once & for All!

Dry skin can be a challenge but here are some easy ways to care for and live with dry skin. Many over the counter products promise results but they also have harsh chemicals that do more harm then good to your skin. The cure for your dry skin is not a quick one-time application of a miracle elixir. The cure is actually managing it over time and recognizing the patters and cycles your skin goes through.

You do not have to settle for having dry irritated skin, because there are simple changes that can improve the overall health of your skin. These are small adjustments to your daily routine, as well as your diet but they show flawless results.

Dry skin is the result of the body not producing oil called sebum. This oil is generated by the skin and keeps your skin healthy and gives it that elastic quality. Since dry skin is lacking this oil, it needs to be replaced both internally and externally.

To start with the outside, let's address the skin’s exterior with a moisturizing product. We tend to over do our moisturizers with products that are very heavy and rich in nutrients. What we forget is that a little goes a long way, the goal is to evenly coat the skin in a light layer. Look for ingredients that double as a calming agent, two examples include aloe vera and chamomile. Both of these organic ingredients address the dryness and the irritation at the same time. Isn’t that fantastic?

Now it’s time to talk about the internal issues. The always-important healthy diet comes into play here. Your skin is your most extensive organ and needs to receive the correct nutrients to maintain its healthy balance. The best supporting nutrients for your skin include Omega-3 oils, and Vitamins B&E. You can get these of course in over the counter supplements or you can naturally absorb these from eating a healthy and organic diet.

In closing, you have to treat your dry skin from both the internal and external directions to come to a healthy balanced environment where your skin can create the sebum it needs. With this oil, the skin can readily repair and rebuild damaged cells. Your skin will look great and thank you with the added health benefits as a result of a healthier diet.