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Help & FAQ

Here is a quick guide to helping you understand what we do, and answers to questions we are often asked.

Chances are that you have started your research on what it takes to have your own line of natural and organic private label skin care products. And chances are you understand this can be a multifaceted process. At Wild West Skincare, our focus is to simplify this process for you by drawing together all the pieces required that meet your needs and budgets.

More on The Process:

1. The Consultation: During this meeting, we will discuss your project, your vision, your brand, your timeline and your goals – including your budget. Our focus is to ensure we understand what you are hoping to accomplish and achieve for your customers and your business. In that way we can best identify how we can best assist you in achieving your goals.

2. The Products: Based on your objectives and budget we will work with you to identify the best products for your skincare line. We encourage you to test our products by ordering our sample kit. The stock products we carry are listed in our product catalog, both the catalog and our 2018 Sample Kit are located online. If you want a to try a product not available in our 2018 Sample Kit, you are free to order any of our Back-Bar sizes without purchasing a Brand Creation. 

3. The Packaging: We offer a set house packaging that consists of Amber containers with black tops, this packaging for you is quality and recyclable – it includes bottles, jars, pumps, sprays, and closures. Looking for something different? You can also source unique packaging, have it sent to us and we will sell you the gallon sizes of our product that we will fill from. There will be a filling fee based on the different steps that you want us to do for your order. 

4. The Labeling: A key component to your product success will be the labeling solution you choose. We offer a few levels of label options depending upon the containers you choose and your budget. For small runs and market tests, we offer a very cost effective in-house printing solution – with Vinyl Matte Bopp Four Color Water Resistant Labels. You can also print your label art with a third party printer, then send it to us for labeling. Once we understand your label needs we can provide cost estimates for your project.


Frequently Asked Questions:


What is the minimum order?

Our minimum opening order and reorders are $250 of product this does not include a brand creation.


What if your amber bottles with black lids do not match my branding?

You can source your own labeled packaging and have it sent to us for filling. At this point, we will sell you the gallon sizes of our product because these prices exclude our house packaging.


Are your products all organic?

Our products are 100% All Natural and we utilize organic whenever possible.


What Certifications do you offer to add to my label? 

O.W.N. stands for Organic Wildcrafted and Natural this a reoccurring yearly membership and certification you can add to your labels for $129. You are also able to add 100% Recycled, 100% Vegan, 100%, Tested by people, not on animals (you can apply for the Leaping Bunny for your brand), No carbon footprint, Zero landfill. 


Can I purchase retail size items without a brand creation?

No, without a brand creation you are limited to purchasing gallons, and professional/back-bar sizes only.

What is a brand creation?

It is our startup/ on-boarding fee that allows you access to create your own branded labels. Most of our clients purchase the $499 Silver Level Brand Creation package. You will need to purchase this to allow you to purchase our retail sizes. Right now you are authorized to buy our sample kit, back-bar sizes or gallons of our products. This is just to make sure that clients sell their own brands and not our brand in their retail store.


Private Labeling

Do you have products for private labeling?

Yes - we have over 60 products available for private labeling.

What are your opening order/minimum order costs?

Our minimum opening order and re-order cost is $250.

What is your minimum order quantity?

Our minimum order quantity for retail size is only 10 units for Private Label Stock Product runs.

What is your average turn time for private labeled stock products?

New private labeled orders take three weeks to complete and re-orders take two weeks.

Formulation Development


What kind of products do you make?

We manufacture cleansers, oils, creams, serums, lotions, moisturizers, masks, and exfoliants.

Do you work with custom formulations?

Yes! We sure do, the best place to start is our application located here: 


Can I add a different scent/ ingredient to your stock product?

Yes, we call that a semi-customization formulation and the cost is a $350 one-time fee.

I don’t know what I want in my product, can you help me with this?

Yes - we can help select an ingredient list based on what you want your product to do.

Can you mimic an existing formula?

Yes - we can mimic an existing formula.


Custom Formulation Manufacturing

What is your minimum order quantity?

Our minimum order quantity is 5 gallons for custom developed formulations.

What is your average turn time for a custom formulation product?

Custom formulation products take between 3 to 4 months to complete.


Label Design & Printing

Which format does my artwork need to be in?

.ai  is the best format. If your fonts are "outlined" just supply any unusual font styles to save time on edits.

Can you design my labels?

Yes, we can create a standard label for you. There is a $499 basic design & set-up fee. *other fees may apply

Can you design my logo?

No, we are not a full design company so we ask that you work with your own designer on your logo.

Can you help make changes to my existing labels?

Yes - we offer label revision assistance for a one-time fee of $499.

Do you offer label printing?

Yes - we provide label printing with a custom, and private label orders.

What about Product Boxes?

No – sorry, because we are an eco-friendly company, offering extra packaging as part of our house would not be in line with our company mission. While we do not offer this as part of our house packaging, we can do this for you. Each additional step that you want to add for your packaging will add $.25 to each individual unit's filling cost. 


Production & Shipping

Can I arrange my own freight or pick up my product?


Do you provide drop shipping?

We can drop ship for you to a third-party supplier (i.e. Amazon, Neiman Marcus, Target, etc.) However, we do not drop ship to your individual clients. 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes - we can ship globally.

Can you provide direct to consumer fulfillment?

No – at this time we do not have an in-house fulfillment service but we are happy to help find a source for you.


Statement of Organic Variation: 

Our products are handcrafted according to our own, original recipes.  Every batch is made in small, quality controlled amounts. They are mixed, poured and prepared by hand. 

Regarding our handmade products: We use multiple organic elements that are added separately following requirements for that product. This creates variations in the appearance of each individual products within the same order as well as different batches. The products you receive will not be an exact match to the products received in your last order. This is a good thing! It means that our dedication to handcrafting unique small batches of organic and natural goodness is a dream come true for our family and that our products will bring satisfaction to you and your clients without the harsh chemicals.

Our ingredients are natural and organic this will cause normal variation in our products between orders placed at different times. Here are some normal organic product traits that will generally not be accepted as defects: Color, smell, consistency, and clarity. There are exceptions to every instance and these will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Examples of what is acceptable for exchange: packaging has a defect, a seal broke during transport and spilled the product, if the product in transport ruined the labels, contamination located inside of the product.  

Any other questions?